about-page-top2 Group Z is for owners and enthusiasts of the DATSUN/NISSAN Z cars. Founded in 1970 and incorporated in 1971 Group Z Sports Car Club Inc. is a non-profit corporation established to serve the interests of the Nissan / Datsun Z community. Our goal is to promote the Z and all aspects of the lifestyle attributed to this historically significant automobile through meetings, events and publications. All Nissan / Datsun owners and enthusiasts are welcome to join. Meetings are held monthly, and all are welcome to attend. So you wanna be a Z owner… or you already are? Welcome to the addiction that is Z. If you have an early Z, do you have just one? Lots of spare parts? Old magazines with Z articles? If you have a newer Z, is it totally stock? Has it been personalized either in looks and/or performance? The Z may never have the status of other euro-trash exotics, but the die-hard following of it’s members always boggles the mind. The variety of different Z models over the years, some great, others great donors-to-greatness is the amazing side of this addiction. Ask anyone over a certain age and they can instantly tell you about a Z, having owned one in the past…having had friends who own them…or just having lusted for one… How do you control your addictive behaviorz? Join Group Z. Attend meetings. Frequent the events. Hang with others on the same journey as you, and travel through the wonderful world of Z. The journey should be an exciting one, And you can help make it all that… ———– Go to the Membership Page to download an application Fill it out and send it along with your check or money order to the address on the form.